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Vinhomes riverside stage 2 The Harmony successor stage 1

Vinhome Riverside Named one of Vietnam’s most upscale urban areas and one of the most up-to-date luxury resorts in Hanoi, the success of Stage 1 of the Vinhomes Riverside Stage 2 project (the harmony) Bring the modern design, own the luxury riverside villa products, world class standards.


Phối cảnh Vinhomes riverside giai đoạn 2 (the Harmony)

The Project Information Vinhomes Riverside stage 2

Name project: Vinhomes Riverside stage 2 – name not yet official Vinhomes The Harmony

The investor: The company CPĐT and develop the urban Sai Đong (under the corporatione Vingroup)

The Project Scare: The total area of the project is 96ha including 1,499 villas, townhouses, shophouses. Area of water surface about 15ha, length of canal 4.8 km.

The project design

– Vip 1: 328 house detached villa có area 250 – 350m2 cost 15 – 25 tỷ.

– Vip 2:  221 house semidetached villa, area 160 – 200m2, cost 10 – 12 tỷ.

– Quadridetached : 138 house, area 160 – 200m2, cost 10 – 12 tỷ.

– Row: 346 house, area 100 – 200m2 cost 9 – 12 tỷ.

– Home city (Shophouse): 466 house area 84m2,cost 7 – 9 tỷ.

Possessing a super prime location in the North East of Hanoi capital (Long Bien area, Hanoi), it is embraced by two large streams of Red River and Duong river, Vinhomes Riverside 2 villa project. Another name is Vinhomes The Harmony which creates a perfect connection for the entire residents living here with very close to Hoan Kiem lake and Chuong Duong bridge, especially close to Vinh Tuy bridge. From here, residents here can easily connect flexibly with other key blocks in the capital with modern road transport system connecting inside and outside the project area.

The product type is built in Vinhomes Riverside stage 2

Recall Vinhomes Riverside 1 which is a project of high-end villas inspired by the city of Venice luxury and bring in her charming beauty. The project complex consists of five class villas, each of which is named after flowers:

  • Villa Vinhomes Riverside Cherry blossom
  • Villa Vinhomes Riverside Milk flower
  • Villa Vinhomes Riverside Orchid
  • Villa Vinhomes Riverside Phoenix-flower
  • Villa Vinhomes Riverside Giant Crape-myrtle

The success of Riverside 1 products, Vinhomes Riverside Phase 2 promises to bring customers equally attractive products. Among them, the system of villas with many good or unique meaning:

Riverside Villas – Vinhomes The Harmony is built in an introverted style. The project is invested to build a green landscape system, fresh air brings clean green atmosphere for residents here. Accordingly, up to 7200m2 of green parks are included in the project.

In addition to the green parks built in Vinhomes Riverside Phase 2, there are also large lakes, canals and eco-lakes, with an area of up to 14 hectares. Should a unique architecture, impressive.


System utility at the project

Coming to Vinhomes Riverside villa phase 2, the residents will enjoy the attractive 5 star class luxury chain as follows:

High level trade center

An attractive entertainment area with games that are fun for both adults and children

The food court with delicious dishes from all regions is extremely rich and diverse

Hospitals, schools of quality, world class

Sports practice area, beauty salon …

The above is some informal (unofficial) information about the Vinhomes Riverside project stage 2. You can refer to the webside Vinhomes Riverside to quickly get the latest information that we update. from the project!

(The information in the article is for reference only, not the official information published by the investor)

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