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The Villas Vinhomes Riverside Orchid lowwer

The Villas The Vinhomes Riverside Orchid flower is a French-designed villa complex with a lagoon system, surrounded by orchid subdivisions like the magnificent symphony of nature and man. The zone Orchid flower villa is densely populated. The building occupies only 54%, interwoven between the Orchid villa of The Harmony project has many green spaces, and the owner is also easy to design their own small landscape.



The Orchid villas is a classic symbol of perfection and proliferation, the orchid always radiates high quality, elegance. This is also the hallmark of Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony Orchid. The Orchid always carries with it the hidden power, the abundant natural energy, to help people reach their full potential. Money, excellence, beauty, innocence … with the ability to attract oneself, can understand why it has become one of the favorite flowers and was chosen as one of the names for children. Road at the Vinhomes Riverside luxury villa The Harmony (Vinhomes Riverside stage 2).


The French villas at Vinhomes Riverside- The Harmony have the original, authentic French-style architecture of northern France, with a solid, solid dome contrasting to the slim, elegant arched roof. Mansard characteristics – all redefine a style that is both old and new, both modern and traditional, affirming the high level of living and delicate aesthetic of modern owners.tieu-khu-vinhomes-riverside-hoa-phong-lan-the-harmony2

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