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The Villas Vinhomes Riverside The Laurel

The Vinhomes Riverside stage 2 project with The Laurel Villa subdivision is the largest subdivision of the Vinhomes The Harmony project, with laurel road stretches along the urban area, the Laurel zone is designed in a Greek style with harmonious layout. Delicate, warmth and relaxation for family members and guests at your home.

From ancient Greek myth, the Laurel tree is often used to award winners in major competitions such as the Olympics or Pthia. Therefore, Laurel is also a symbol of glory. In that sense, the spiritual values of Laurel are still in full swing, hoping for a successful, successful family. Vimomes Riverside The Harmony Laurel is the central route, running around the urban area. Being in a circle like the laurel of victory is the belief of good fortune, good and good habitation for residents…



Not only that, Laurel trees are but also exotic plants with wild beauty and pure white color, gentle aroma, pure. Some people think that the purity of the laurel tree has the ability to eradicate evil spirits, to ward off bad luck, to protect the peace of the family. Bringing these meanings, the Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony Laurel road not only enhances the beauty of the urban area, but also helps the people live a peaceful life.


Laurel Flower Villa  – Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony includes

– 108 plots Villa land area: 250 – 300 – 350 m2

– 78 plots of land area: 180 – 189 m2

– 244 lots of large adjacent houses from 160 – 176 – 182 m2

– 299 lots Small adjacent land area: 84 m2


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