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Villa Vinhomes Riverside Sunflower

The Vinhomes Riverside stage 2 project has been underway, the stage 2 project named Riverside The Harmony, stage 2, has a sunflower subdivision designed in Indochinese style with a harmonious combination of features. Oriental and French style

Sunflower is located in the southeast of Vinhomes Riverside 2 – The Harmony, connected to the Laurel Center line and through many of the modern conveniences that make the movement of residents extremely easy. Only a few steps away, residents have been able to visit modern, classy entertainment venues, entertainment or sports practice.


In Asian culture, the sunflower is the symbol of the direction, of the faith, of the gas. With its sun-orientated nature, the sunflower harbors abundant energy, creating an air of vigor, so it also enhances the atmosphere of the population. This is the meaning that the owner has been so used to naming the beautiful Sunflower subdivision.

Combining classical French and Asian styles, the Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony Sunflowers bring a contemporary touch that combines the minimalist elegance of classic architecture and the charm of architecture. Locals, such as traditional slate roofs, tropical double-glazed windows, arches and lightly curved balconies, and soft oriental motifs. The owners of the neoclassical Oriental style architecture will find the satisfaction in these unique villas.


The Sunflower villa brings the breath of Asian culture, close to the lifestyle of the Vietnamese people, so it is easy to feel familiar, cozy and comfortable for each member of the family. The villas here are characterized by traditional beauty, honoring the classic architecture of the nation. This architectural style makes the villa as a patina of the ancient and noble noble family, royal, royal. Especially the designs focus on feng shui issues. Each detail is carefully considered to bring luck and prosperity to the owner.

Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony villas are harmonious, harmonious as in a traditional cultural community. Although separated by the beautiful orchards or fence walls, the Sunflower villa zone still exudes the intimacy and closeness of the family. Sunflower villa Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony extremely suitable for families. Introverted, cherished and eager to preserve traditional cultural values.

A residential area with good feng shui, attracted abundant energy sources, for the prosperous development of all families. The vitality and meaning of sunflowers will add strength, willpower and enthusiasm to each person on his career path and family life.



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