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Introduction of villa in vinhomes riverside stage 2

Introduction of Vinhomes Riverside Stage 2 project named The Harmony, project Vinhome The harmony has a total area of 92ha, Of the total area of 92ha of the project, the second phase of the project has a connection point. With the largest area of the project is the lake has an area of up to 14.7ha, With such a large lake area will not only bring a fresh air, the urban area will be a place with many constructions. Relaxing space for the residents of the lake that air conditioning is also beautifully built and more classy with luxury marina. The architecture in Vinhomes the Harmony is divided into zones and each area has a different style.


1. Sun Flower Sub-zone – Indochinese style

Combining classic French and Asian styles, the Dong Duong villas offer contemporary breath by combining the minimalist elegance of ancient architecture and the charm of local architecture. traditional slate roofs, tropical double-glazed windows, arch and lightly curved balconies, and soft oriental decorations. Owners who appreciate the neoclassical Oriental style of architecture will find satisfaction in these unique villas



2. Orchild Flower Subdivision – French style

The French villas in Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony have the original, classical architecture of northern France. Contrasted with the solid, slender arches, and characteristic Masland roof – all redefined a classic style that is both new and modern, as well as traditional. Affirming the high level of living and the delicate aesthetic of fashionable owners


3.The Laurel Subdivision – Greek style

 Inspired by the classical Greek architecture famous for the majestic Parthenon, the Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony villas with triangular roofs, 4 columns, , has been created and stylized in a modern, elegant way, yet still bears in the timeless classic aesthetic values. Living in the Greek architectural villas not only express their own personality, but also affirmed the status of the class of the owner of fashion.

At the beginning of this stage 2, the project will soon open three sub-zones of The Laruel, Orchid Flower sub-district Sunflower

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