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Bringing romantic breath and beauty to harmony with nature, Vinhomes Riverside urban area is like the city of Venice in the heart of Hanoi. Not to be confused with the concept of living alone, Vinhomes Riverside urban area has a philosophy of sustainable development in a prosperous place.

Considered Vietnam’s most livable urban area, Vinhomes Riverside is built on the basis of a balance between nature and people, creating a dream city that meets the needs of its residents. comfortable life, class.

The project overview  Vinhomes Riverside 

Vinhomes Riverside is an architectural complex planned on an area of 183.5 hectares, of which 60 hectares are used for natural green areas and nearly 50 hectares for transportation infrastructure. The “green density” of Vinhomes Riverside is up to 60-70 square meters per person, an astounding figure compared to many other urban areas.




A row of riverside romantic Riverside villa

Vinhomes Riverside Ecotourism was awarded the prestigious “Best Complex Project” – Asia Pacific Property Awards 2013, “Best Investor” and “Best Villa” – Award Southeast Asia Property Awards 2012, “Green Architecture 2012” by the Vietnam Association of Architects.

The Owner: Vingroup

Vinhomes Riverside Project Scale

1. With a total of more than 1400 luxury villas

2. Total construction area of 183.5 ha.

3. Investment capital: VND 10,000 billion.

4. The area of the villas from 115m2 to 2000 m2.

5. The area of commercial center 45,000 m2.

6. Lake and green areas of 60 ha.

7. Transport infrastructure 50 ha.

The location is favorable, “fortune-fortune”


Vinhomes Riverside is located in Phuc Loi Viet Hung – Long Bien – Hanoi, gateway to the northern provinces, just over 6km from Hoan Kiem lake, close to Chuong Duong bridge and Vinh Tuy bridge. The key systems of the capital such as road transport system, modern highway help residents conveniently on the move.

Vinhomes Riverside is an intersection and is accreted by two major rivers, Red River and Duong River. According to the concept of Feng Shui of the East, Vinhomes Riverside is the place to bring vitality, fortune and prosperity for homeowners.

The Ideas Design

Inspired by the beautiful Italian city of Venice, the majority of the Vinhomes Riverside villas are built on the “artificial green peninsula” with five main subdivisions, namely, the Flower District, , Hoa Lan, Hoa Phuong, Anh Dao.

Each villa here is designed in the “open” trend so that the owner of any apartment can see the water space and enjoy the wind.

The most impressive feature of the urban area is the meandering river that surrounds the villas up to 12.8km, giving the feeling of the river in the city. This is where residents can fish, sail or relax after hours of hard work.

In addition to the system of clear waterways, there are more than 100 species of ecological gardens, bold colors of nature and modern public utility complexes. Vinhomes Riverside offers residents a perfect, comfortable and romantic living; At the same time, the Vinhomes Riverside has become one of the first urban centers in Vietnam to match the modern and world-class urban areas.

The luxury class, luxury


With the mission of creating a living environment for the Vietnamese people, Vinhomes Riverside focuses on public utility works, bringing the most comfortable, comfortable and complete life for residents.

Healthcare and beauty facilities: Vinhomes Health Club with modern technology system and therapeutic procedures, health care, beauty beautification, bring residents wonderful experiences. On the massage services, sauna, relaxation, beauty treatment … with consulting services, support and training program, exercise health and safety 5-star standard.

Educational Benefits: Vinhomes Riverside has a continuous education system from kindergarten to high school. Distilling, combining the ingenuity of domestic and international education, Vinschool Vinhomes Riverside Kindergarten and BIS International School provide an excellent education model, well meet the program in the country but copper It helps students to integrate confidently and equips them with the qualities and qualities needed to succeed in the globalization trend but still uphold and promote Vietnamese cultural and spiritual identity.


The Vinschool education system takes care of your children

Leisure, sport and physical training: Being invested with a large complex of entertainment facilities, Vinhomes Riverside residents will experience the sport of aristocracy with facilities of international standard such as: golf course, tennis court, soccer field, four seasons pool …

Residents can have fun birthday parties with friends at the BBQ Garden

Shopping, entertainment, entertainment: Vincom Center Long Bien is located on “Vincom Boulevard”, in the middle of the peaceful center of the country, helping customers to enjoy shopping and at the same time. You can enjoy unique and interesting dishes from well-known restaurants as well as explore the exciting and exciting world of games.

Quiet, friendly community

Residents of Vinhomes Riverside have developed a knowledgeable, civilized community as a symbol of prosperous urban area in Hanoi.

It is known that most Vinhomese Riverside residents are famous businessmen, managers, famous artists or politicians. Therefore, owning Vinhomes Riverside villa is the pride and pride of the residents because the inhabitants are living in a luxury community.

Vinhomes Riverside with knowledgeable civilized community

Besides, the activities of community activities such as: Sports Day, Christmas Eve, Halloween Festival, TET VIET TET TET essentials … are regularly held, creating a living space. Cultural identity and identity.

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