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Milk Flower villa Vinhomes Riverside –

Milk Flower Villa: Located on the milk flower road in the Vinhomes Riverside project group of VinGroup. Surrounding the villa is the river winding impressive and romantic, creating the beauty of your own home. Accompanied by top-class entertainment services such as outdoor grill garden, sports area, shopping mall … turn this place like a miniature paradise.

Milk Flower is the villa with the largest number of residents from the first day of sale. With an average area of 200 to 300 m2, the milk flower villa is designed in European style, all windows are made of glass material of large size overlooking the river will make your house easy. Easily harmony with the beauty of nature.




The dairy mansion area is located near the center of the whole urban area.

The northwest borders to the North West adjacent to Cherry Blossom and part of the Flower Field The North East borders on Orchild and Phoenix-Flower 7 The Southeast and South are adjacent to 45m2 road and Sai Dong


Total number of villas: 529

Total area: 11 zones (from HS01 to HS11)

Area per unit: 200 – 500 m2

Number of floors: 3 floors and 1 basement

Total floor area: 380 – 620 m2

Garage here

Condition of handover :External finishing of the entire exterior of the house, fences, garage, main door system and windows. Inside complete the rough part of the villa.

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