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Phoenix Flower Villa Vinhomes Riverside is reasonably designed from area to location. When we introduced the Phoenix Flower Villas, the number of guests was of great interest.

The overall design over the length of the Phoenix Flower project is categorized into three distinct areas as follows: Villa Vinhomes Riverside Phoenix flower 1,2,3 is the only exclusive area of the entire project. The single villas area is the largest area of 300m2, the rest 350-450 individual villas near 600m2. They are designed to look across the Bang Lang villa complex, behind the Commercial Center and the Mapbe Canada Kindergarten which is very convenient for shopping.

With Phoenix Phoenix villa villa 1 (HP1), 22 Phoenix flower villa 2 (HP2) and 51 Phoenix flower villa 3 (HP3), this is probably our long-term evaluation as one of the private and spacious in the Vinhomes Riverside project. As you walk along the main road next to the BBQ Grill Garden on the right you will see the HP4. This is probably the most purchased villa in the early days of the project. Including 43 symmetrical design villas, one of which is the Semidetached villa area of 217m2, the other is the 424m2 Detached villa.


Most HP4 properties are gradually being relocated by homeowners and the density of residents in the area increases day by day. The Phoenix Flower 5 (HP5) zone is the most popular in the city of Vinhomes because of its open-air amusement park and in a privileged location near BVIS International School. Not only that, it is near the main flower rose, golf course, designed by architects like drops of water embracing the canal.

The Phoenix Flower 5 (HP5) has 02 Detached villa 320m2 remaining 17 Semideached villa 300m2. The owners of the Phoenix Flower 5 are finalizing and number in a lot. Most of the customers who come to see and buy share with us that “want to own phoenix flower (HP5) villa because both front and rear villas are airy and the number of villas is very little.

We currently have 3 lots of villas HP5 landlord trust send the seller extremely beautiful location customers really interested please contact us for the correct information. Near Phoenix flower 5 are 30 villas designed quite unique and different from other areas.

The HP6 villa from plots 1 to 14 consists of single villas with 300m2 wide fork. The HP6 villas from plot 15 to plot 30 are twin villas with an area of 225m2 designed to dock, some villas are allowed to back in so the distance between the gate and the entrance hall of the big villa.

If you have any question or want to find out more information about the villa please call

Hotline: 0979.160.986

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