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ORCHIlD VILLA: is located along the Orchid Road and adjacent to the romantic river Duong. If you and your family prefer a separate space, the density of villas is not thick, this is a good choice

In the summer, residents of this area always enjoy the fresh air and aroma of orchids from the cool breeze from the river.

Vinhomes Riverside orchild has a total of 219 villas, divided into 9 areas from Orchid 1 to Orchid 9, with area 190m2 to 526m2.

The first is Orchid 1 (HL1), which consists of 36 villas located near BBQ Garden, Tennis Court, Vincom Center. Here, mostly 250m2 duplex villas are designed with the front of the Kimono Village Japanese Cuisine and kindergarten. Half of the back from HL1 cell 1 to cell 18 looked into the Garden Four Seasons and the vast green of the lake width and width makes you feel not looking to the opposite house very open. The front of HL1 from cell 1 to cell no. 18 has the space to the Kimono dining area. The location is very convenient when you go back to the utility areas.


Located on the Orchild Road (HL) next to Orchild 2 and Orchild Villas 3 on the front of BVIS International School are villas with an average area of 225m2. If you and your family prefer a sparse private space villa this is probably a good choice. Next to the end is the area of HL4,5,6,7,8 with the villa area of 225m2 create a sense of tranquility and suit families need peace. If you have any questions or want to find out more information about the villa please call to


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