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The Villa Vinhomes Riverside Bang Lang Flower – WHERE TO SHOW YOUR LEVER

The highest density of trees in Vinhomes Riverside. The villas are designed with neoclassical architecture but still show young, dynamic. The lakeside area is perhaps the most splendid by night because of the sparkling, illusory light of the long stretches of curved canals, creating a romantic and warm space that you can hardly find in the heart of Hanoi…

It must be said that the customers who really have strong financial strength want to own Bang Lang villa because it shows the level, ego and the best of “Land of Peace”. The Vietnam Architects Association honors Vinhomes Riverside Ecotourism Area, which won the “Green Architecture” award, perhaps because VinGroup has designed a unique concept when you look at Vinhomes Riverside Villas Bang Lang Street. As a Bang Lang flower in the best blooming season, the pistils are designated as the Lumbini 1, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,10,11. In the middle of the area is a large lake as a symbol of the center and surrounded by trees. The harmony of the river side villa communities and the rational layout of the roads in the district highlight the architectural value of the area.

At each Bang Lang road there are roundabouts to turn the car. In particular, the owner has stocked a very large fish of about 50 tons, the weekend you and your family will enjoy the fishing fun, party parties with relatives, friends warm.

Bang Lang District is located security force extremely well with many security guards 24/24 continuously, giving a sense of peace for you and your family

biet thu vinhomes riverside hoa bang lang


The mausoleum is divided into two villas.

The first area is from BLING BL1 to half the BL5 BLING area. They are characterized by a large area to choose from 250-300-350-400-500 m2 has a lot of money for customers want to own Bang Lang villa. In this first area, the back of some villas at the end of the street look into the Viet Hung area and the lake area from Bang Lang 1 to Bang Lang 5 (from BL5-01 to BL5-10).

The second zone is from BLL BL6 BLM to BL12 including large villas and the number of residents in the density of the most dense because such villas can take advantage of the large yard. to compromise the design of his creative ideas. Highlights from BL6-BL12 are the large lake villas, the back view to the HP1,2,3 can evaluate this is the most peaceful and best security of Vinhomes Riverside project.

You and your family if you really want to buy a villa in Bang Lang area contact them

Hotline :0979.160.986

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