04 Jan

These are the villas with the prime location, the only winding lake in Vinhomes Riverside Stage 2 creates a cool, peaceful space.


The area of detached villa in Vinhomes Riverside stage 2

The area: 300m2 – 350m2 – trên 350m2

This will be a subtle and classy design for owners who prefer tranquil living space style resort.


This detached villa Vinhomes Riverside stage 2- Imprint from the difference

This detached villa is separate from other houses, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, lakes and rivers. And only  in detached villas 300m2 Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony customers can enjoy the lake front or backwater eyes

This detached villa for lever headed customers

This detached villa Vinhomes Riverside stage 2 is about to debut investors. There are many incentives for customers to contact soon, in addition to selected location, direction, customers will certainly enjoy more preferential policies of investors Vinhomes.

Choose a villa Vinhomes Riverside stage 2 to ease your old age or simply return to a relaxed life after stressful working hours. Live in Vinhomes Riverside to enjoy the authentic life you deserve.

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