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Vinmec hospital officially came into operation on 7/1/2012, Vinmec is a brand in the field of health, invested and developed by Vietnam National Private Group – Vingroup.


Vinmec – Connect Essence, Dedication care

The team of doctors – doctors are leading experts, highly specialized, dedicated and wholeheartedly for the benefit of the patient.

Comprehensive, professional medical examination, counseling and treatment services

Modern equipment system, support for diagnosis and effective treatment

The modern, civilized, luxurious and sterile treatment space is maximized

A modern, efficient and effective model for managing, sharing and connecting online information.


In June 2015, Vinmec was awarded the Joint Commission International (JCI) – the international standard for hospital management and patient safety. Vinmec is the first international general hospital in Vietnam to receive the JCI certificate.

The development strategy of Vinmec Health System to 2020 is to build and put into operation 10 hospitals nationwide. In addition, Vinmec will establish Vinmec Medical University and officially enroll the first course in 2019.

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